Saturday, January 3, 2009

i must admit

I've been extremely lazy with this blog, but it's not just laziness preventing me from posting, it's figuring out what to post about. I mean, I don't want another online journal, I have a Livejournal already, and I also don't want to be repetitive and write about every Feelies show. Also schoolwork: during the school year I basically did my homework then slept/chilled with friends/worked when I didn't have school stuff to do.

Anyway, my Christmas and New Year's were nice, the latter more so than the former. On Christmas Day, my family party at my house was very short, so I told my cousin to come pick me up later because I was bored out of my mind. He did, then picked up his friend (one of my ex-boyfriends) and we drove to East Bumblefuck, New York so that my cousin's friend could get fancy Davidoff cigarettes. It was pointless, but it was something to do.

New Year's was pretty great, I went to see the Feelies again with Vivian Girls and Yo La Tengo at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair. First my mom, my two friends I brought along, Rana and Erin, and I went to Cuban Pete's for dinner, which was soooo good. Then we went to the Wellmont and met up with my friend from school, Matt. Vivian Girls were the opening band. I thought they were alright, but most of their songs do sound pretty similar. Also, they'd probably have sounded better in a smaller venue because in the Wellmont Theater, you couldn't hear their chord changes very well. My brother didn't like them at all, but he's pretty picky, especially when it comes to girl bands. However, I generally thought their set was short and sweet, whch was nice.

The Feelies came on and my friends and I were all dancing (especially Rana and me). That's another thing I liked about this show: there was room to dance for once. My friends though Dave was really awesome the way he got so into his percussion stuff. Also, the Feelies played "Invitation" live for the first time, which made me very happy. So yeah the set was awesome, as usual.

Before I talk about Yo La Tengo's set I'm going to say something. I like Yo La Tengo, they have a lot of good songs and are nice people. However, my friends (with the exception of Matt because he stayed for the rest of Yo La Tengo) and my brother and I decided to leave early because we hungry, tired of standing around for hours, and we were kind of put off by the really long noise solo in the opening song. Shortly after Yo La Tengo played Mr. Tough (my favorite Yo La Tengo song which I'm glad we stayed for) we left to meet my cousin (who had left already with his parents) at King George Diner.

Midnight passed while we were in the car driving through Montclair and listening to "Move It" by Thing One. At King George we played obnoxious songs on the jukebox and ate a lot of very unhealthy fried food. We got home at about 2 and I talked to my dad about the show a little and went to bed. A night well spent, says I.

Anyway, since then I really haven't done much of interest. I've been spending a lot of time at my friend Damien's (we call him Fat) house. I've also re-read the sixth Harry Potter book and just started re-reading the seventh. I think what got me into that is the fact that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has been on the movie channels constantly lately. I'm also reading Please Kill Me: an Uncensored Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain. I haven't gotten too far with that, but I learned a lot of interesting stuff about the Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol so far.

Oh and F.Y.I. for you Feelies fans: Young Wu (Dave Weckerman's side project), Wild Carnation (a band Brenda Sauter is in), and East of Venus (a new band my dad plays in with Michael Carlucci of Winter Hours and Rob Norris of the Bongos) are all playing at Maxwell's in Hoboken on Saturday January 31st. I think it's a Winter Hours tribute too. Anyway, they're all good bands and are worth checking out.