Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feelies Promo Videos!

Today, I happened to be at home for the night. So my dad had this idea: I was to tape him practicing rudiments, "The Last Roundup", and "Tiger Lily" (a Luna song) in order to promote the Feelies' upcoming tour dates.

So here are the videos:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So about the last 3-4 posts, I had to write a blog in Russian for my Russian I class at the end of last semester.

Anyways, I started the new semester, and I'm taking Photography, American Poetry to 1940, Pursuits of English, Intro to Film, and Russian II.
So far, Photography is stressful, but rewarding, American Poetry is nice and relaxing, Russian's eh... I may not take it again, Intro to Film's pretty cool, and pursuits is the boring requirement for all English majors, but my professor's nice.

I'm so busy that it's been really hard to keep up with my friends, and I enjoy my down time so much more. Which was why the snow day we had today was so awesome.

So I've also found a religion. It's a form of paganism in which the female aspect is focused on. Goddess worship, basically. It's really loving and accepting and, unlike some of the world's most popular religions, which makes you feel like you're a sinful piece of shit, it supports self-love. Also, Goddess worship is extremely old, much older than Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Anyway our "services" are just little rituals twice a month (unless there's a holiday). Then we eat and chill and have fun. It just... feels right. :]

These next few months are going to be packed though: Valentine's Day, possibly seeing Vetiver, Wicked Faire, countless photography projects including going to the city, friends' birthdays, Easter at my boyfriend's grandparent's, my cousin's bridal shower and then wedding in which I'm a bridesmaid, possibly the Steampunk World's Fair, trips with my Goddess sisters, etc.

I've been thinking about posting a few recipes here because, at least among my family and friends, my peanut noodles and hummus are known for being the best around.

As for the Feelies, here are some tour dates for the spring!
March 19th: The Middle East - Cambridge, Massachusetts
March 20th: Daniel Street Club - Milford, Connecticut
April 17th: World Cafe Live - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Also, I'm sure the usual shows at Maxwell's the start of summer will also take place.