Sunday, June 13, 2010

What I Have to Say About the Demo Tracks...

So my dad played some demo tracks for my family and me with only guitar and drums. There were about 5 tracks that I had not heard before, and they, not surprisingly, sounded good. They are definitely in the same vein as the new songs that have been played live (listed in a previous post). The classic jangle is still there, but I think the guitar lines are maybe a teensy bit more complex than previous albums. The new demos seemed to be a logical progression, a bit different, but not so much that fans of the old stuff won't like it.

I am really exited for the Fourth of July Feelies shows this year. It's just an exciting time of year and I love Hoboken in the summer. I love how it's a sort-of tradition and how the Forucha's become something a lot bigger for my family than just a small barbeque and going to see fireworks. And when the new album is released eventually, it'll be even better.

I have some more news as well. Speed the Plough will be playing at The Living Room in New York City on June 26th at 10:00 PM and the performance will be recorded for the show "From The Living Room to The Loft” on XM radio. They will also be playing at The Cake Shop (which is actually just a few steps from The Living Room) on July 23rd. I may be taping one/both of these shows. So check these shows out too!