Sunday, June 21, 2009


Again, it's been a while.
Anyway, I'm gonna skip all the stuff that I did when I was not updating and move onto an actual blog entry.
So I have a fairly new obsession: Andrew W.K. Why? Because he's so happy about everything and his music and the other things he does reflect that. My best friend, Tubbs, commented that he's like the Meatloaf of our generation. Which seems very true as far as his attitude goes.
If you need further evidence of why Andrew W.K. is amazing, this should do it:

Feelieswise, they're playing at the Whitney this Friday. It's an "acoustic" set, which means it will be as acoustic as the Feelies can get, which isn't that feasible considering the importance of percussion in the music. Then next week, it's July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at Maxwell's. Also, they will be playing in Chicago at Millenium Park. Aaannnnddd, although it's in September, the Feelies will be playing at All Tomorrow's Parties in Monticello, New York. I'm also super excited because I get to see Iron and Wine as well!