Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Feelies Reunion Shows and Other Things

Ok so I haven't posted in a while cause my life has been crazy. These are the main reasons:
1) Boyfriend of 6 months broke up with me the week before prom: heartbreak ensues.
2) Prom then Black Moth Super Rainbow show. The latter was amazing and waaaayyyy better than the former.
3) Awards ceremonies, senior things, graduation & project graduation.
4) Work: headaches ensue.
5) Finding time to chill with all my friends.
6) College things.

Anyway, all the school stuff is done with and I don't have to see/ talk to said ex anymore.

I've changed a bit though. I'm more reserved now I believe and I think much less of people in general.


However, something's coming up. Something BIG.
You see once upon a time, seventeen years ago, my dad was a drummer in a band. A band called the Feelies. Said Feelies are getting back together for reunion shows next week, including an opening slot for the Sonic Youth on the Fourth of July in Battery Park (or as my dad likes to say "The Fourcha").


I'm soooo happy about next week. I cannot wait cause I never saw my dad play with the Feelies cause I was about 1 year old when they broke up. I have seen my dad play in another band called Luna and I have fond memories of being 6 and standing on the side of the stage with my mom and my brother and watching "daddy" play in Central Park. I also got myself locked in the bathroom backstage that day and some bald guy from another band had to let me out.

So yeah, the first show is in five days at Maxwell's in Hoboken and it's invitation-only. The next two shows are gonna be packed cause they sold out in 1 day. The last is the Fourcha show. I was pretty upset though cause I couldn't get tickets for my friends for the Fourcha or even the shows at Maxwell's. They only allowed my dad a very limited number of tickets (I think it was about 5 tickets per band member) and only two backstage passes. This means that my brother will have to go as a drum tech in order to get a backstage pass.

So up there ^^ is a picture I took of the first time the Feelies actually played together in 17 years. My dad's the happy-looking one.

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George said...

Cool post. I saw the feelies many times and your father's drumming always amazed me. He's a human metronome, leading each song in honest and natural directions.

Your not going to believe the love heading to the stage at these Maxwells gigs. And all of it hard won. Enjoy.