Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Feelies Album and Other Fun Stuff!

So if you guys haven't heard yet, the Feelies are definitely recording a new album. My dad says they have 6 or so songs, not all of which have been rehearsed enough to play live. He also said the album will be called "Stanley" or "Stanley is the Greatest Drummer in the World" (and yes, he was joking). Anyways, the Feelies are talking about starting to rehearse for the new album this June sometime.

I did go to the show in Connecticut in March and it was a lot of fun, and I'm quite jealous of those who got to go to the show in Philly yesterday. The will also be playing on July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at Maxwell's.

Anyway so the new songs that the Feelies have played live will be on the album, such as "Time is Right," "Bluer Skies," and my favorite, "Nobody Knows."

Also, please come out to see my aunt and uncle Toni and John Baumgartner, cousin Michael Baumgartner, and our family friends Marc, Dan, and Ian Francia play in a new incarnation of Speed the Plough at Maxwell's on May 26th I believe. Check the Maxwell's website in the future to be sure as the show is not listed there yet. It'll be fun!

So here's the Speed the Plough Website:

And some links to 2 of the new Feelies songs:

My mom will also be updating relatively soon, so check that for updates too!


jwm said...

I saw the Philadelphia show last night and thought it was magic! They sounded great, like a band that has been playing nonstop all of this time. As I told one friend, it was a goosebumpgiving show. Thank your father for me!

BTW, I found your blog during a Google search... any chance you might now where a fan can find last night's playlist?

Katie said...

ok here's the setlist that my dad had leftover, but the encores aren't included:

1) When Company Comes
2) Sunday Morning
3) Egyptian Reggae
4) The Undertow
5) luer Skies
6) Invitation
7) Nobody Knows
8) The High Road
9) On the Roof
10) Let's Go
11) For Now
12) Barstool Blues
13) Deep Fascination
14) Higher Ground
15) Waiting
16) The Final Word
17) Doin' it Again
18) Original Love
19) Slipping (Into Something)
20) Time is Right
21) Too Far Gone
22) Raised Eyebrows
23) Crazy Rhythms

jwm said...

thank you so much!